RM Marine’s Boat Safety Signs were originally introduced to provide a cost-effective, one-stop labelling solution for boats undergoing British Waterways’ then new Boat Safety Scheme.  The current stickers have been updated into handy themed postcard-size sets for Fuels, Electrics, Gas, Sanitation and more.  The range includes all mandatory labels required by the revised Boat Safety Scheme as set out in the BSS Essential Guide and uniquely includes most Advisory and Best Practice labels too.  Other stickers like Mains Power and LPG Appliances requested by the marine trade and boat owners are also ideal for leisure and work accommodation vehicles.

  • Inland, inshore and offshore small craft
  • Quick, versatile, tough, bold, economical
  • Clear, consistent, comprehensive designs
  • Pre-cut, self-adhesive, waterproof and UV-proof
  • Omni-directional arrows for concealed fittings
  • User guidelines on reverse side
  • Ideal for caravans, campervans and more

Boat Safety Signs ©1995, 2006 RM Marine