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Boat Safety Signs were developed with the co-operation of British Waterways when RM Marine were seeking an economical one-stop labelling solution for boats faced with passing the then new Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) inspection.

Boat Safety Signs still follow their original popular concept, but to answer requests for individual labels we have used the current Revised Boat Safety Scheme requirements to update the stickers into smaller, handier, formats.  These themed sheets uniquely include wherever appropriate, BSS safety scheme Best Practice and Advisory operational labelling for switches, valves and cocks.

Boat Safety Signs also include several non-BSS safety labels suggested by customers for sea-going craft and hire boats.  Like the Security System warning stickers these are finding uses on leisure accommodation vehicles like caravans and campervans and we’re always happy to receive suggestions for similar stickers.  Lately we’ve found a practical solution for making durable one-off ‘specials’ such as radio call sign labels – please ask.

Below are the front and back of a sample themed Boat Safety Sign set.

Annotated sample

Chandlery Range

Engine Fuels Petrol – BSS3P

Petrol Gasoline, Petroil Two-Stroke Mix, Emergency Engine Fuel Shut-Off, Engine Fuel Shut-Off, Engine Stop, Open, Inside, Below, Close

Order Code: BSS3P

Engine Fuels Diesel – BSS3D

Diesel, Engine Fuel Shut-Off, Emergency Engine Fuel Shut-Off, Inside, Below, Open, Close, Engine Stop

Order Code: BSS3D

LPG Fuels Gas Cut-Off – BSS3GF

Gas Master Cut-Off Valve, Gas Cut-Off Valve On Bottle, Gas Locker, LPG Propane, Warning Open Ventilators Before Use, LPG Butane, Gas Test Point, Below, Inside, Open, Close

Order Code: BSS3GF

LPG Appliances Gas Cut-Off – BSS3GA

Gas Master Cut-Off Valve, Hob/Oven Gas Cut-Off, Cabin Heater Gas Cut-Off, Fridge Gas Cut-Off, Water Heater Gas Cut-Off, Do Not Leave Gas Appliances Unattended When In Use, Open (x2), Close (x2)

Order Code: BSS3GA

Elec Services Battery – BSS3BM

Battery Master Switch (x2), Starter, Services, 230-240 AC (x2), 12 Volt DC, Below, Inside, On (x2), Off (x2)

Pick 'n' Mix labels suitable for Single or Twin battery systems.

Order Code: BSS3BM

Sanitation Water – BSS3W

Water, Pump Out, Rinse Out, Sea Cock Close After Use, Warning Not Drinking Water, Drinking Water Only, Open, Close, Below

Order Code: BSS3W

Deck Safety – BSSDS

Deck Shoes Only (x2), Lifejackets, Emergency Gear

Order Code: BSSDS

General Security – BSS2SL

No Valuable Items Kept Inside (x2), Warning Security System Fitted, Reminder: Isolate Alarm Before Entry

Order Code: BSS2SL

Fire Extinguister Safety – BSS1E

For craft with extinguishers concealed in lockers. Option to use Fire Extinguisher pictogram alone. Extinguisher Inside Locker, Do Not Leave Lit Gas Appliances Unattended, Ventilator – Do Not Block

Order Code: BSS1E

Themed sheets are sold by chandlers, marinas and boat shops around the country.

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Workshop Range

Our three most commonly requested labels are again available as 'workshop-friendly' strips of five labels. These labels match those in the themed sets. Pre-cut with radiused corners for quick peeling-out and application they offer the same professional look.  Order codes are as follows:

MSG-5 - Gas Master Cut-Off Valve
MSF-5 - Battery Master Switch
MSB-5 - Engine Fuel Shut-Off

Workshop label strips

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